How to take the best photos of the Mayan ruins

Fotografías en la Riviera Maya

Fotografías en la Riviera Maya

We all know that a good photo is the best way to start conversations about your holiday: to be able to talk with your loved ones about all the magical places you have discovered and to relive the feelings you had whilst visiting the spectacular Sian Ka’an Reserve for the first time whilst relaxing in the sun at your hotel in the Riviera Maya. There are so many things you experienced that you want to talk about! We want your holiday to be unforgettable, one that makes you smile upon reminiscing. We want you to be able to share with everyone how enjoyable it was discovering Tulum and all the ruins found along the way. We want the photos to speak for themselves and to let you in on all the ways to take the best photos of the Mayan ruins during your holiday.

  • Perspective is important. Very important in fact. Take photos from a new perspective, away from the typical ones. A good way to do this is to travel to the birthplace of ancient civilisations, where the majority of archaeological sites are found nearby our hotels in the Riviera Maya, the ideal setting for your photos. You can try, for example, to take a photo of a monument by putting your camera on the floor, positioning it so its focus is on something that has caught your attention or just on something in general so you can perfectly capture your beautiful surroundings, adjusting the focus accordingly. Take truly unique photos!
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  • Play with elements. Why not take a photo of your map against the actual place? You can also show the actual size of the ruins by putting an object of a recognisable size next to the ruins, framing the landscape with the tree branches. The more original, the better!
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  • A photo whilst jumping. There is nothing better than a photo whilst jumping to add to your photo album. This may not seem original but it adds a bit of freshness to your travel photos. And to avoid having to do this over and over again, mobile phones usually have an option on their cameras to capture these moments. If you have long hair, tie it up to avoid it going on your face.
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  • A selfie stick. This will become your best friend on holiday, even though afterwards you will probably forget about it and leave it in a drawer. This is essential for when you want to take photos as a group or with your partner so as to not miss any of your spectacular surroundings. The best way to use a selfie stick is by doing fun poses.
  • Panoramic photos. Lots and lots of them. Panoramic photos come first when you wish to capture the incredible beauty hidden in the Riviera Maya, at sunset, for example. Remember not to make them too big as you might miss some details or the photo may end up being too big.
  • No need for photoshopping. Thinking of photoshopping your photos? We assure you that you will not need to. This paradise in Mexico is so beautiful that you will not even think of doing it. In fact, unedited photos are becoming all the range. Filters are becoming unfashionable and what better photo than that of the sun reflecting off the sea?
  • Use Boomerangs for Instagram. Sometimes it is better to post a short and simple video of a certain action which keeps on repeating itself than one that lasts for 2 minutes. In addition, live videos are very trendy this season. Record yours now!

Follow all our recommendations and become a proper photographer during your holiday to the Riviera Maya and surprise all your friends!

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