5 amazing activities in Riviera Maya

If you are planning a trip to Riviera Maya and you’re unsure what to do and what activities to put on your to-do list, don’t worry… below, we’ll recommend five amazing activities that will guarantee to help you create unique memories in Riviera Maya! Get your camera ready to take the best selfies, and be a trend-setter on social networks.

Mayan Ruins

1. Cobá

When it comes to archaeological sites, these ruins stand out from the others on the Yucatan peninsula due to their location next to 4 natural lakes (something very rare on the peninsula).

Here, you will find the highest pyramid in the Mayan Empire, known as Nohoch Mul, which means “the Great Mound” in Mayan.

You will discover a large number of Mayan stelae, stone statues with precious inscriptions and drawings. We recommend visiting the Santa Cruz ranch, where you can take a dip in a natural well and swim in crystal clear waters.

2. Tulum

The famous Mayan walled city is located on the edge of a beautiful cliff facing the Caribbean Sea; the perfect location to protect the Mayan people.
Visit the castle that served as a lighthouse and helped guide ships safely around the world’s second largest coral reef. Here, you’ll have the chance to explore a magnificently preserved area and appreciate priceless murals. We recommend booking a trip with expert guides so that you can learn about the area’s history and interesting stories.

3. Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the most important city in Mayan culture. Here you can see the most extensive and impressive ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula. Chichen Itza was a sacred city, and although many buildings are buried, there are still structures standing that can be visited today.

Keep in mind that you need to pay a fee to the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) to use cameras in archaeological areas.

Idyllic Beaches

4. Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is known for its celestial beauty that combines a tropical jungle with fine sandy beaches and crystalline waters. The influence of the Mayan civilization is prominent on the island and is evident in the unique architecture that can be found everywhere.

You can also visit the beautiful coral reef – a great opportunity to snorkel and see hundreds of birds and native marine species.

If this isn’t enough, the island’s center is very picturesque and it’s worth taking a stroll through its streets to admire the architecture and enjoy all its shops.

Nature in its purest form

5. Sian Ka’an

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is the third largest reserve in Mexico, protecting more than 500 hectares of ecosystems, 800 species of plants, and 360 species of birds and other animals. We recommend walking through the tropical forest, savannahs and shining lagoons. Travel to the beautiful beaches of Punta Allen.

Keep in mind that SEMARNAT (Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources) charges 5 USD per person to enter the marine park.

For all of these activities, remember to bring: comfortable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, and money for fees.

Now that you know what to do in Riviera Maya, check out our hotels. Did you know that Bahia Principe has special hotels for families and exclusive hotels for adults only? Plan your trip and make sure you have a great vacation.

Arantxa Márquez

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