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Tajinastes (flowering plants in the Echium genus) are typical shrubs on the island of Tenerife. They are characterised by their orange and white flowers, which bloom in spring. These flowers are very popular among tourists and locals alike, and are considered one of the island’s great beauties.

Flowering tajinastes are native to Tenerife and have called the island home for centuries. These shrubs are resistant to heat and drought, and seeing them in bloom is one of the island’s main tourist attractions. During their flowering period, tajinastes can be seen on many parts of the island. They bloom in spring, and May is the most anticipated month for tajinaste lovers. 


On Tenerife, flowering tajinastes are planted in isolated areas, generally in areas surrounding cities, in forests and on mountainsides. These shrubs can also be found in natural spaces on the island, such as the Anaga Rural Park. This park contains many examples of these shrubs, and is one of the major points of interest for tourists on the island. When in bloom, the shrubs burst into colour and the air is filled with their fragrance. These flowers are one of the island’s main tourist attractions and one of the main reasons that people visit the island each spring.

They are an important part of Tenerife’s flora and fauna. They are a habitat for a variety of birds and other animals, as well as an important source of food for these organisms. They are also important to the island’s economy, as they are used to produce honey and other products.

The awakening of the tajinastes is one of the major draws of Tenerife. These shrubs have become a symbol of the island and are an important part of local culture. They are a very popular tourist attraction and one of the main reasons that people visit the island each year.


Bahia Principe in Tenerife is a luxury tourism destination that offers visitors a unique, unforgettable experience. The hotels offer a wide variety of activities and services to satisfy the most demanding guests. From aquatic activities such as diving and snorkelling, to adventure sports such as hiking and mountain biking, there are many ways to enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Plus, the hotel has a variety of facilities, as well as a range of restaurants and bars so that guests can enjoy the best gastronomy and wine the island has to offer.

The hotel also offers plenty of packages for day trips, from visits to Teide National Park to a tour of the beautiful coast of Tenerife. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, the Bahia Principe Hotels in Tenerife are the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Where to sleep in Tenerife?

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