A trip with Mexican flavor! Enjoy Mexico’s most popular festival, in Riviera Maya

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Altars, flowers and exquisite dishes, Mexico is an unlimited source of culture and tradition. Religion, faith and mysticism come together to submerge this vibrant country in customs and myths that should not be missed on your trip to the Riviera Maya. The Day of the Dead, celebrated between 31st of October and 2nd of November, is one of the country’s most important parties which you should not miss out on. Welcoming the dead, who come to visit their loved ones during this time, turns into a magical party full of colour, happiness and culinary pleasures.

Did you know you that at the Bahia Principe hotels, located in the Riviera Maya, you can enjoy this celebration? You will find altars and gastronomy crafted especially for this very special Mexican holiday. The perfect opportunity to give your vacation that original touch you’ve been searching for. Enjoy a unique trip: the Caribbean, Mayan ruins, and typical festivals.

What is the Day of the Dead?

For Mexican people, death is a sign of celebration and happiness. The country is alive with colour to welcome those who have passed away back home. It is time to make their favourite dishes and leave them on colourful altars that they have put a lot of care and dedication into making in order to honour their loved ones. Do you know why yellow and orange are the most popular colours in these dishes? According to popular belief, this intense mixture of tones helps guide souls back home.

On this festive day, you will be able to try typical dishes and sweets like the Pan de Muertos (Mexican bread of the dead), the exquisite ceremonial delicacy. Taking different forms and sizes, this typical bread is served with red sugar to pay homage to Pagan burials in which corpses were sprayed with mercury sulphate. Tamale stews made of corn, meat, chilli and fruit, wrapped in banana leaves or avocado are the stars of this celebration.

Have you tried Mole Negra (Mole sauce)? You will love this laborious exquisiteness. Slow-cooked, this sauce is combined with 7 types of chilli toast, banana, black pepper, almonds, lard and ginger, amongst other ingredients. It is normally served with chicken, pork and rice and each region has its own way of making it.

Day of the Dead

Add a bit of sweetness to this celebration with the typical desserts found all over this Mexican paradise. The colourful sugar skulls, the sweet candied pumpkins and Rabia, which is a dessert made of sweet potato, banana and coconut, are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Do not forget to visit the beautiful altars which offer succulent decorated delicacies made with Mexican Marigold, more known as the Flower of the Dead. Death is celebrated with happiness in this festivity where you can experience a truly authentic Mexican tradition.

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