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Blue Lagoon is located in Port Antonio and is a hugely popular destination for families and newly-weds. Blessed with crystal clear turquoise waters surrounded by lush green vegetation, Blue Lagoon is a stunning natural beauty spot.

What to do on holiday in Runaway Bay?

The lagoon used to be known as “The Blue Hole”, but with the popularity of the movie, the lagoon’s name was permanently changed to “The Blue Lagoon.”  After the movie, it became quite a popular destination. One of the most striking features of the lagoon is that it changes colour depending on the light of day: an ideal place for a refreshing dip.

The “Blue Hole” is connected to the sea by a narrow channel, but it is fed by freshwater springs that reach depths of up to 40 metres. As a result, the water changes colour over the course of the day, through every shade of jade and emerald, thanks to the cool freshwater covering the warm seawater which is hidden beneath.

Locals used to believe that the lagoon was bottomless, but it has since been discovered that its depth is around 180 to 200 feet. Legend says that a dragon lives here,  but rest assured that no giant winged beast will pester you while you enjoy your time here!

The water of the Blue Lagoon is a mixture of fresh water and salt water, as it opens to the sea and is fed by freshwater springs. If you decide to take a dip in the lagoon, you will notice the contrasting temperatures; the warmth of the Caribbean Sea and the refreshing jets of icy fresh water from the underground streams. Quite an experience!

Where to stay in Runaway Bay?

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