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Rio San Juan

Beach in Rio San Juan
Travelling to Rio San Juan is a treat for all of your senses. Not only because this destination is rich in beauty, but because you will be surrounded by lush nature everywhere you turn. You will be won over right away by the Dominican landscape and welcoming nature of the locals. What’s more, you will arrive in one of the most beautiful Caribbean zones imaginable for your all-inclusive holiday.

If you are planning a trip to Río San Juan, take a look at the trips we offer. Be taken over by the splendour of the Dominican Republic in all the natural wonders you encounter with every step. However, be careful not to get hooked!

  • Damajuaga Waterfalls: this is one of the most popular natural wonders you can discover in Río San Juan. This is where you will find 27 small waterfalls that appear more like natural pools. The bravest of us can dive from the highest point in the river in a ride full of adrenaline and natural slides. Submerge yourself in this incredible natural setting and swim in the refreshing pools.
  • La Salcedoa Reserve: this is perfect for lovers of ecotourism. La Salcedoa Scientific Reserve is part of the group of Natural Reserves of the Dominican Republic. The beautiful tropical forests and symbolic botanical garden you will discover within make for very interesting cultural landmarks.
    Sosua: located in one of the must-visit cities of Río San Juan, Sosua beach is an idyllic place for snorkelling or heading out to sea on a catamaran. Discover the marine life and remarkable coral reef whilst diving in the crystal-clear water.
  • Gri Gri Lagoon: Río San Juan in its purest form. This is an unparalleled natural wonder. In a magical trip through the beautiful and exotic hiking trails, you will discover the tropical nature that leads to this gorgeous lagoon. Enjoy the silence of the forest and the river course as you make your descent toward· s the stunning Playa Caleton beach.
  • Playa Caleton: this beautiful beach marks the end of our tour of this country’s natural wonders. Relax in the sun whilst being surrounded by the stunning nature of this natural paradise in Río San Juan. Let the crystal-clear water soak your skin and enjoy the natural beauty of this magical place.

Rio San Juan sunset

Enjoy the holiday of your dreams in the natural paradise of the Dominican Republic. Discover the beautiful landscape whilst you explore the incredible Caribbean coast. Are you ready to experience true happiness?

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