The magical Day of the Three Kings in Tenerife

The special day every child waits expectantly for in Spanish-speaking countries is on its way. The most anticipated day of the year is fast approaching. This is a day that creates unforgettable memories which mark our childhood. For yet another year “Their Majesties”, arrive to meet everyone and bring with them gifts for the little ones.

If you have planned a family holiday to any of our destinations this year, do not miss out on these incredible parades that will be celebrated in all of them. Enjoy everything from the lively atmosphere of the Caribbean to the spectacular authenticity of Tenerife.

It is on this Canarian island where the parades and the Day of the Three Kings have been celebrated religiously over the last few years. Dances, impressive floats, music and shows… The rhythm and fabulous choreography of all the floats is the work of the remarkable troupes at the Carnival of Tenerife. More than 1000 professionals take part in this exciting and vibrant long-awaited parade, loved by everyone from parents to children and grandparents.

The ceremony starts at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López Stadium, where an endearing tale will be told to welcome Their Majesties. Once there, the Mayor will offer them the magical key that opens all the houses in the city and from then they will embark on their journey through the main streets of the city in the magical and vibrant parade. This show will be forever etched into your little ones’ memories. The Kings will seek to deliver all of their presents on time to excited children who will go to sleep early so that the Kings can enter their homes.

Do you know why Spanish children leave their shoes underneath the Christmas tree? The popular tale is that two children were playing with baby Jesus and wanted to give him a pair of shoes so he was not playing barefooted. The children cleaned the shoes and left them to dry on the balcony. The next morning, they discovered a large pile of presents laying next to them.

Enjoy unforgettable moments together with your family and have a magical time at the Kings Cavalcade in Tenerife. Try the traditional Roscón de Reyes (Kings Cake), with origins from Roman times and enjoy Caribbean versions of it, with delicious sweet bread and fruit cream.

The magical Day of the Three Kings awaits you in our destinations. Come and enjoy this special day with your children and celebrate these unforgettable festivities with your loved ones. Do not forget to leave the Kings food so they can regain their energy!

The magical Day of the Three Kings in Tenerife

Arantxa Márquez

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