The magic of Sant Joan in Majorca

La noche de San Juan en Mallorca

La noche de San Juan en Mallorca

A magical night is on its way: a night that if you choose to spend it in Majorca, it will be the best decision you have ever made. Sant Joan is something you will remember forever. You will be overcome with excitement during this night because on the 23rd June Majorca is transformed into a grand party to celebrate the night of San Juan. This is a night where fire dancing, shows, music and the beaches take centre stage.

The night of San Juan, or the nit de Sant Joan in the language they speak in Majorca, is one of the most important celebrations on the island where both Palma and the island’s villages become alive with colour and everyone is outside to celebrate the start of summer. The beaches and coves are full of bonfires and families, couples and friends taking advantage of the great climate to have dinner on the beach and enjoy themselves in the number of activities and surprises held during this magical night. A good way to immerse yourself in the popular customs of this night is by staying at our Sunlight Bahia Principe Coral Playa, one of our exclusive hotels in Majorca located on the beachfront and from which you can enjoy one of the key stages of this festival whilst staying in a quiet and relaxing place in a natural and unique setting.

La noche de Sant Joan en Playa de Palma

The festive mood starts to kick in at 8pm on the 23rd June at Parque del Mar in Palma. The music starts and the first parades for children and batucada dancing fill the streets in the old town, where they look for followers to join in the party. This night is for the Dimonis (demons), as one of the key elements of the celebration is fire. In Majorca, and in particular, in the villages, the “collas de dimonis” will come out to the main squares. These groups of people are dressed up in terrifying demon costumes and perform a fire dancing show, a show that consists of sparklers, flares and fireworks whilst they chase the public, and in particular, the children.

About an hour later an announcement by the Dimoni Bufó (the Bufón demon) is made and he blows a pistol shot to symbolise the start of the celebration. The typical food eaten on the beaches are the “torradas” which are large bbqs including cold cuts of meat, bbq meat and rye bread.

The night of San Juan is, above all, a large display of light, colour and magic. For this reason, and after the incredible displays of fire dancing, tradition calls for a cleansing ritual amongst the fires at midnight. Everyone stands around the bonfires on the beach and follows the following steps: they throw a bit of wine into the fire, burn a piece of paper on which they have written everything they would like to change and then the bravest people jump three times over the bonfire.

The music starts again and concerts are held all over the capital and in the main squares of the villages during this magical night that welcomes summer in Majorca.

Arantxa Márquez

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