The humpback whale show

The Samaná Coast is famous, together with Banco de la Plata and Banco de la Navidad, for being part of the most beautiful Marine Mammal Sanctuary in the world, covering around 12,700 square miles. Once again at this time of year this bay is the setting for one of nature’s most stunning spectacles: observing humpback whales.

In November about 3,000 cetaceans begin a long journey from the freezing waters of the north to the coast of the Dominican Republic for the mating period which lasts from January until March.

Humpback whales

Visitors to the area can enjoy unforgettable trips on authorised boats, where they can see how the males make impressive jumps and swipes its tail to attract the females. A curious fact is that if a male doesn’t manage to attract the attention of a female, he sings a long song that can only be heard underwater. In short, these whales exhibit quite a few behaviours that become an excellent tourist activity.

It is without a doubt a wonderful spectacle that our guests shouldn’t miss. Ask about these trips at hotel reception!

Do not miss the Whale Festival, Whale Festival in Samaná, in Bahia Principe Village (Santa Bárbara de Samaná). The next March 8 from 4 pm and March 9 all day. There will be a craft market, live folk music and exhibitions.

Arantxa Márquez

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