The hidden caves of Samaná

Excursiones en Samaná

Excursiones en Samaná

Samaná continues to surprise us. Not only because of its untouched beaches and Caribbean landscape, but because of its zones left undiscovered by visitors. We want to talk to you about the natural wonders found close by our hotel in Samaná, the Dominican Republic. These wonders are the best way to discover the history and origins of one of the most well-conserved places in the Caribbean. We want to help you discover the caves hidden by beaches and hills. Now you will become one of few who have explored these natural wonders.

  • Boca del Diablo.This is located at the headland of Samaná and takes its name (mouth of the devil) from the incredible natural phenomenon that occurs within. When the waves hit the cliff, the sea moves from pressure towards the top of the cave, thus creating a noise similar to a roar. This is a must-see phenomenon.
  • Cueva Religiosa. This is located in Agua Sabrosa, half an hour away from our hotels in Samaná and boasts a wealth of cultural heritage guaranteed to leave you speechless. Although it is not very big, its walls are decorated in Pre-Hispanic markings and paintings about ancients beliefs, Gods and prophecies. Nowadays, this small haven is a place for spiritual retreats and religious ceremonies.
  • Cueva de la Arena. The Cueva de la Arena is an unparalleled wonder that can be found within Los Haitises National Park and can only be accessed by boat. The walls are decorated in symbolic representations made by theTaino Indians. In addition, this cave boasts small natural balconies from which you can admire Los Haitises from a different angle.
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  • Cueva de la Línea. Spanning 600 metres, this is one of the biggest caves in Samaná. Its name (cave of the line) is derived from an ancient structure to help move rice to the nearest dock. On entering this cave, you will be amazed by the 950 cave paintings found within. At the end of the cave, you will discover a wide range of shells from Pre-Hispanic times.
  • Cueva de San Gabriel. This cave is home to the largest number of archaeological remains thanks to its previous inhabitants. There is plenty of space to admire the 20 carvings and 19 paintings comfortably. This is the last cave found in Los Haitises National Park.
  • Manantial del Ojo del Cielo. Although it is not a cave per se, it still deserves to be mentioned. This natural wonder can be found less than a mile away from Los Haitises Natural Park and is comprised of a cavern that contains three carvings found at the start of the current. This is the only river known to exist at present on this side of the peninsula.

Dive into an adventure and explore the history of ancient civilisations in the undiscovered caves of Samaná.

Arantxa Márquez

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