Taino Park, the best way to discover the true side of Samaná

Museo Taino en Samaná

Samaná has more to offer than its beaches and climate; it is also known as an oasis of peace and natural beauty. Samaná is wrapped up in tradition and culture. Its peoples’ customs and ways of thinking have attracted people from all over the world who have settled in the beautiful towns of its coast. Samaná is one of the Caribbean’s most spectacular wonders and so, if you want to discover every inch of it, the impressive Taino Museum is undoubtedly the best way to start.

Enjoy your holiday to Samaná to the fullest and discover the largest theme park in the Caribbean. Taino Park is only a few miles away from our hotel in Samaná and it has been created for those who want to discover the true spirit of Samaná and the origins of this beautiful province in an hour. This museum is one of the biggest historical representations of indigenous life and is considered one of the best places for discovering the culture of the Dominican Republic.

More than 200 life-size human figures represent the Tainos, the first civilisations who populated Samaná thousands of years ago. In addition, you will be able to tour a number of lakes, caves, waterfalls and an art museum; the latter of which is home to both original and recent artistic representations.

Parque Taino

The park owns the title of being “A Dominican Treasure”, awarded by the Consortium for Improving Competitiveness in Tourism for fulfilling social and cultural functions. In addition, it is one of the most sustainable theme parks in the Caribbean, preserved by the locals to enable you to discover the life and customs of a village that is in constant evolution.

Discover the cultural heritage of the Tainos, still remaining undiscovered by the rest of the world. If you are travelling with your family, this natural museum is ideal for children as here they will enjoy constant contact with nature in a setting that represents the lives and adventures of the ancestors of Samaná, opening up the doors to a world bursting with culture which will enrich their experience.

Finally, enjoy an exquisite cocktail or a refreshing soft drink at the park’s snack bar. Enjoy a unique day and discover the handcrafts and culture of the original civilisations of Samaná. This is guaranteed to be a unique experience!

Arantxa Márquez

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