Special for adventurers: hidden beaches in Tenerife

Are you one of those travelers who loves discovering pristine beaches during your summer vacation? Who wants to get away from the crowd and go on an adventure that brings you to a remote location in touch with nature? Beaches where, besides from relaxing quietly, you have to go on a journey to reach them? A unique experience to connect with yourself and nature.

Imagine making your way along the path that leads to your destination, the route a visual feast, each image a postcard. And once there, when you reach the shore, you’re greeted by the sound of the waves… Let your adventurous spirit run free. Below, we reveal three hidden beaches on the island of eternal spring, so you can ensure your trip is authentic and original.

Masca Beach

This beach is part of the municipality of Buenavista del Norte, and is located at the end of the Barranco de Masca ravine. You can get here on foot or by boat. If you decide to hike, make sure to wear suitable footwear. The hike could take you between 2 and 4 hours.

The beach is wild, has black sand and stretches just over half a kilometer. Once you get there, we recommend making your way to the left-hand side to reach the sandy area.

Benijo Beach

This beach is located in the district of Anaga, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If you go on foot, it will take around fifteen minutes to get here from the trail. Keep in mind that most of route has steps; it is therefore advisable to be in good physical condition.

The beach is about 300 meters long and there are usually nudist areas. It has black sand of volcanic origin and is very quiet. You will have the privilege of observing a spectacular view: the Roque Benijo and Roque La Rapadura rock formations… something out of this world.

We recommend visiting the beach when the tide is low, because at high tide the water almost reaches the end of the beach.

As it is a undiscovered treasure, there is are no bars or lifeguards on the beach. That’s why you need to bring food and drink. It’s the perfect beach for enjoying the views from the shore and relaxing in the sun, as the sweeping tide has currents and waves.

Antequera Beach

This beach is located in Igueste de San Andrés, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You can get here on foot or by boat. If you go on foot, keep in mind that it is difficult to reach, as it is almost a four-kilometer walk with steep climbs and descents. We recommend being in good physical condition, wearing suitable clothing and footwear, and bringing water.

The beach has gray sand, is about 400 meters long and usually has nudist areas. It is a completely unspoiled, remote beach. You will see the Punta de Antequera and the impressive Anaga Massif backdrop.

Keep in mind that it has no services and that it is best to go at low tide, otherwise the beach may be hidden underwater.

Remember that because these are untouched beaches they have no services. Don’t forget to take something to put your trash in and to dispose of it properly after. Let’s protect our beautiful environment together. By doing this, we’ll ensure that we can keep enjoying authentic and natural landscapes.

Now that you know where to find these three natural gems, start planning your days and turn your vacation into a real adventure. Do you already know where to stay in Tenerife? Check out our hotels in Tenerife and find the best option for you.

Arantxa Márquez

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