Explore Mallorca: Street Markets, Culture and Tradition

Mallorca has certainly made a name for itself as a very popular destination for tourists, but the island has also successfully maintained its natural environment and authentic culture. One easy way to connect with those more traditional aspects of the island is to discover dishes and typical handicrafts in the various towns and villages.

If you are thinking of visiting this island and want to experience the genuine essence of Mallorca, we recommend exploring the various street markets you can find all over the island. Food, handicrafts, history and tradition are just some of the things you will encounter at these street markets offering a broad range of local products. Buying something authentic at a local street market is a great way to take a real piece of
Mallorca back home with you. 

Calvià Market

If you’re staying at one of our hotels in Mallorca, the market in Calvià and its stalls traditionally intended for local residents is a great place to start. Calviá market is full of stall holders selling seasonal produce, handicrafts, shoes and clothes. So, if you are in the area on a Monday, make sure to take a look around and enjoy a genuinely local atmosphere.

Market Sineu

Another street market well worth visiting in Mallorca is the one in Sineu. In fact, it is among the most famous on the island. Every Wednesday, you will find crop and livestock farmers selling their wares alongside numerous handicraft merchants vying for your attention. Sineu market is one of the most traditional on the island. Flowers, fruit, clothes… It has earned its fame from the large number of stalls and its outstanding reflection of rural, agricultural and local life in Mallorca. 

Inca Market

The market in Inca is one of the biggest and oldest in Mallorca. It is famous for the
stalls selling fruit, vegetables and leather goods. This market takes over the centre of the city, with a very extensive and varied offer of goods for sale. Thursday is the day for visiting Inca to experience a special atmosphere with locals chatting in the street, enjoying a coffee on a terrace in the sunny main square or simply taking a stroll around Inca’s old quarter. Inca is the capital of leather, which is why we also recommend visiting the monument to local cobblers. The Museum of Shoes and Leather is another destination we strongly recommend. 

Alcúdia Market

If you’re at a loose end on a Tuesday or a Sunday in Mallorca, we recommend visiting the street market in Alcúdia, one of the most unique street markets on the island. It takes place in the shadows of the ancient walls of the old Roman city of Pol·lèntia. Here you will find varied fruit, vegetables, costume jewellery and craftwork items. The walls of the ancient city spring to life and attract both a large number of tourists all year round and people from the local area. We also recommend going to the top of the walls for a great view of the bay. 

Street markets in Mallorca are weekly meeting points for the local population. It is where they go to buy their weekly supplies and where tourists go to satisfy their curiosity and to discover local culture. 

They are the perfect place for you to learn more about Mallorca. Start planning your holiday in Mallorca.

Arantxa Márquez

Curiosities  Mallorca