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Vino de Tenerife

There are many reasons to travel to Tenerife. To climb Teide, see cetaceans in their natural habitat, get to know the local gastronomy, bathe on the beautiful volcanic beaches, enjoy the wonderful all inclusive hotels on Tenerife… a whole sea of ​​experiences to enjoy in a movie-set destination. But if you haven’t tried the wines from Tenerife there is an exquisite side of the island that you are missing. Let us tell you more about this marvel at the Sunlight Bahia Principe Costa Adeje.

The wine from Tenerife has a long tradition, since the first vines on this island at the end of the XV century. The varied climate of the island and the special characteristics of its soil, which is of volcanic origin, allowed these plants to take root quickly in Tenerife and rapidly start producing large quantities. In addition, Tenerife enjoys a large number of grape varieties as the Canary Islands escaped the great phylloxera epidemic that devastated European vineyards in the late nineteenth century.

The wine from Tenerife also had a great importance in the arrival of wine to America. And it was a place of natural passage for the goods and products that the colonizers wanted to take to America, therefore many of the vines that later grew on the other side of the Atlantic came from the land of the tinerfeñas.

Vino de Tenerife

Currently there are 4 areas of origin in Tenerife with dozens of wineries found within each one. They are Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Orotava Valley, Valle de Güímar and Abona, the first of which is the one that produces the most.

A special mention is the Malvasia wine, which for a long time was the main economic engine of the island thanks to the export of this product to various countries in Europe, especially England, which is a great lover of this variety. Furthermore this wine came to be considered one of the best in the world, so all European countries made large orders of it.

Malvasia wine, of Greek origin, has an intense aroma, a fruity tone and a high alcohol content. Don’t hesitate to try this wine in its different variants, be it the white and sweet malvasia grapes, the most traditional and a perfect accompaniment to desserts; White and dry, ideal with fish and cheeses or malvasia red which is more scarce.

Another of the great attractions of Tenerife wines are their different forms of cultivation due to the long tradition of wine production, so there is nothing better to do than to take the wine tour of Tenerife to enjoy all its varieties and the most beautiful crops.

A good time to do this is between the end of August and the beginning of October, when the island is full of activity with the grape harvest. Choose your hotel in Tenerife and look for the best deals in Tenerife along with the ones we offer in Bahia Principe.

Arantxa Márquez

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