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Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to travel but feel like in the end it never happens? Then it’s probably a good idea to prepare yourself for the best Black Friday travel deals, as these annual discounts will allow you to seize up the best vacation offers, not only on tickets, but also on holiday rentals and even touristic activities for the whole family. This will allow you to create new memories, but always at a convenient price with substantial discounts.

If you are not quite familiar with what Black Friday is, here you can learn about its benefits and how you can make the best out of this date. Also, the Monday after Cyber Monday will be taking place, which means even more deals. These two specific dates, between November 24 and 28, are used to promote the purchase of products and services at unbeatable prices that are not available throughout the rest of the year.

For that reason, organize your wish list and prepare your luggage, because it’s time to experience the trip of your dreams with Black Friday hotel deals in paradisiacal destinations such as Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and many more. Here’s what to expect and how to get the most out of travel deals offered during the Black Friday sales season. You won’t want to sleep on them when they happen!


Black Friday destinations

Just because you purchase tickets or book hotels on Black Friday doesn’t mean you have to travel immediately. It is possible to take advantage of these offers and travel months later, whenever it suits you best. That’s why, during these days of discounts, the world is in your hands.

You will be able to choose from several destinations. However, it is recommended to select places that are usually in high demand to take advantage of the low prices. Among the most sought after are always summer areas, so if you like the beach… There are several options that you should consider.


Besides being known for its beautiful beaches, Mexico is also a country where it is possible to find one of the best cuisines in the world. For that reason, visiting it is a unique experience.

If you only have time or budget to visit one destination, Quintana Roo is one of the most striking states, since it is home to the Riviera Maya along with more than 100 km of Caribbean coastline ready to offer the most relaxing getaway. However, in addition to its beaches with crystal clear waters, the Riviera Maya also offers historical and cultural tourism, with ruins, caves, cenotes and unique flora and fauna. Everything is thought for you to live an unforgettable visit.

The varied offer of resorts in Quintana Roo will allow you to choose the right lodging for you and your loved ones, so you can have fun adventures during the day and rest comfortably every night.

Dominican Republic

Another incredible touristic destination in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic; a beautiful Caribbean island that opens its doors every year to the greatest sea enthusiasts. Unlike other countries that have their best beaches located in the same place, this country has varied but equally beautiful destinations. These are Punta Cana, Samana, La Romana and Puerto Plata. If you can’t visit them all, we suggest focusing on the first three, as they have the perfect combination of party, beach and relaxation.

Remember that the Dominican Republic is also a musical destination, as it is the cradle of Caribbean rhythms such as merengue and bachata, and has recently gained fame for its popular dembow. That’s why, in addition to delicious food and white sands, you cannot miss the music and dance nights on this island.

Bahia Principe hotels are a good alternative to stay, as they provide easy access to the most sought-after tourist destinations and, at the same time, offer comfort and amenities suitable for the most demanding guests. So you can switch from the beach to the pool and get ready to experience the best parties in the Caribbean.



Jamaica is a destination like no other, and for that reason, when it comes to Black Friday travel deals, airline tickets and reservations tend to sell out quickly. This country has so much to offer that there is no need to make a list of reasons why Jamaica is an incredible place to visit on your holidays.

There are many resorts on the island to choose from, with Runaway Bay being the most recommended as it is not crowded with tourists. You might find that the indoors is similar to other destinations, but when you leave the hotel you will notice that Jamaica is full of magic.

As you walk around you will find picturesque villages, delicious island food, beautiful natural and cultural destinations, you will learn about the Rastafarian culture and you will be able to enjoy the diverse rhythms characteristic of the island such as calypso, reggae and ska.


Are you ready to live to the fullest and feel every day as the best of all? Then don’t forget the names Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Samana, La Romana and Runaway Bay. These are 5 destinations to happiness, just a trip away. Discover them during Black Friday with a dazzling array of travel deals!

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