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Tourism is related to travelling, having fun, discovering new places and getting to know new people. It opens you up to new horizons and your mind to new adventures that have a lifelong impact on you. Ultimately, it is an activity that makes us happy.

At Bahia Principe, we are dedicated to Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, making sure we are respectful towards the environment, our surroundings, its culture, traditions and people.

With this in mind, together with other tourism companies that are members of the United Nations Global Impact, we are working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Are you a responsible traveller? On World Tourism Day we want to talk to you about how we can take on more responsible habits in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the places we visit. We present to you a list of tips for your trips, called the “Rules for being a Responsible Traveller”.

1. I will respect and value the culture and traditions of the destinations I choose to visit and show my appreciation for cultural diversity.

2. I will always treat the locals of these places with respect.

3. I will buy local craftwork on my trips in order to contribute to the economic development of the area.

4. I will be enthusiastic about trying the local food of the destination.

5. I will support development projects on my travels.

Viajero responsable

6. I will throw away my waste correctly so it can then be recycled.

7. I will use water and energy responsibly.

8. I will reuse my towels when staying in hotels.

9. I will book stays at hotels which care about the environment and people.

10. I will enjoy the zone’s nature and take part in activities that help conserve it.

Become part of the #WorlTourismDay #IAmResponsibleTraveller #Tourism4SDGs initiatives. This is a small step that has seen more popularity every year since it was first introduced thanks to our commitment and that of our collaborators. This is a step we consider essential if we want to continue enjoying the fascinating culture of destinations immersed in beautiful natural wonders. Discover our ‘happy’ discounts and enjoy fantastic rates until the 2nd October.

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