Are you coming to the most exciting festival of the year in La Romana?

Bailar merengue en La Romana

Festival del Merengue en La Romana

Do you like dancing? Then visit Santo Domingo, specifically Plaza Juan Barón, on your next all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic, only an hour away by car from our hotels in La Romana. The Merengue Festival returns for another year, filling the streets and surrounding areas with its catchy beats and delicious food during a few busy days of partying, where you can dance, or learn to dance merengue, whilst enjoying one of the most popular celebrations in the Dominican Republic. Are you coming?

This is one of the most popular festivals to celebrate the end of summer. Both tourists from all over the world and local Dominicans take this opportunity to dance merengue and learn other famous latin dances, such as reggaeton and bachata. In addition to being one of the most famous celebrations in the country, this Merengue Festival also pays homage to the culture of Dominican music, celebrating renowned artists like Revolución Salsera, Las Divas, Yiyo Sarante, Mozart la Para and Chimbal. This full programme is an invitation for both professional and beginners who want to learn the steps and to come and enjoy a festival full of music and dance.

Merengue is one of the Dominican Republic’s most legendary dances and, in fact, it is listed on UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This dance is an eternal source of fun that has a catchy rhythm to it, created by an accordion, bass, the traditional güira (a Dominican percussion instrument) and a drum. This simple orchestra comes together to create this unparalleled dance that everyone wants to learn. If you love catchy Latin music, then this festival close by your hotel in La Romana is the perfect excuse to join in and discover the more alternative side to the Dominican Republic.

Bailar merengue en La Romana

Food is a key factor in this festival. Dominicans take advantage of any opportunity to enjoy their delicious dishes. If you decide to join in this festival, you’ll be able to try dishes like La Bandera, the nation’s favourite dish that is made from white rice, green beans (habichuelas) and beef stew, accompanied by fried banana. You can also try other delicacies like mangú (a mix of plantains), sancocho (a stew), tostones (plantain slices), guandules (pigeon peas) and habichuelas con dulce (sweet bean dessert), in the number of food stalls you will discover when you arrive.

Enjoy the colourful and vibrant decorations in the square and watch the fantastic firework display which ends the event until it starts all over again next year. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest displays of Dominican culture in existence, making it a great opportunity to mix with the locals and catch their innate enthusiasm. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and exclusive services of La Romana and then come to Santo Domingo to discover the roots of this dance you won’t be able to stop dancing to throughout your stay. Have fun!

Arantxa Márquez

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