A trip to the Cabo Cabrón National Park, the heart and soul of Samaná

Parque Natural en Samaná

Samaná is home to an infinite number of incredible places; places where it seems like no time has passed at all; places away from the masses, that still possess the unique charm of the Caribbean; magical places that remain hidden, awaiting the most adventurous ones of us all to come and discover them. One of these magical places is the Cabo Cabrón National Park, a charming natural haven that will take hold of you and be part of your unforgettable experience in the Dominican Republic.

Located just 45 minutes away by car from our hotels in Samaná is this natural wonder which, to this day, still remains hidden from visitors who visit this province all year round. In fact, most people do not get to discover this impressive natural wonder which hugs Rincón bay, in Santa Bárbara, one of the best diving spots in Samaná. Covering 14 square miles, the Cabo Cabrón National Park is considered the smallest park in the whole of the Dominican Republic and although other parks in Los Haitises and Jaragua stand out for their immense size and amount of biodiversity, the truth is that Cabo Cabrón stands out for its unique charm that can be witnessed in its wild and lush nature, breathtaking landscapes and unique variety of species found all over the province.

A large layer of rock at 600-metres high separates the tropical hiking trails near the sea to form breathtaking cliffs. If you do not have a fear of heights, you will find yourself marvelling at the beautiful coastal scenery whilst also admiring the impressive rocky formations hidden under lush greenery that has formed over time. This spot guarantees some of the most spectacular views in the whole country.

Excursiones en Samaná

Walking around Cabo Cabrón is like walking on extraterrestrial land. Due to the volcanic parts of the zone, some spots are not accessible for those who want to venture into its beautiful wilderness. On some trails you will find natural freshwater springs, which are ideal for stopping on the way and observing one of the best examples of the ancient past of the Dominican Republic, a wild and beautiful place far away from human activity.

In this park you will discover some of the least known animal species in the world which are in danger of going extinct, such as the rhinoceros iguana, a species that can only be found in this natural spot, normally seen hiding between some of the lush trees dotted all over the area. Another natural wonder that can be found in Cabo Cabrón is the beautiful bay of Puerto Escondido, a small beach found in one of the hidden spots of the park, where you can see fishermen fishing in the crystal-clear water.

You can access this natural spot by boat from Las Galera, found half an hour away from our hotel in Samaná. Come and discover the heart and soul of Samaná in the Cabo Cabrón National Park and fall in love with the Dominican Republic on a tour through the endless tropical jungle and impressive cliffs.

Arantxa Márquez

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