5 Festivals you must attend on your next trip to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

We know how excited you are about your next trip to the Dominican Republic. Its landscapes, serene atmosphere, trendy cultural events and that amazing holiday feeling you get when you first arrive. If you are thinking about attending a festival during your stay in the Caribbean, then we recommend the 5 most famous festivals that you should not miss on your next holiday to the Dominican Republic.

Whale Festival in Samana. We highly recommend this special festival. Admire the largest showcase of nature in this festival, a festival that promotes eco-friendly practices in the oasis of Samaná, with film showings, discussions and activities for all the family. Enjoy food sampling and whale-watching near to your hotel in Samaná, the Dominican Republic.

Whale Festival in Samaná

Quelonios Festival. This is another of Samaná’s must-see festivals. This unique festival combines excursions, beach clean-ups and yoga with a wide range of different musical styles. Enjoy a different kind of experience at Playa El Valle and discover one of the most famous events in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival in the gorgeous setting of La Romana. If you are a film fanatic then this festival is perfect for you as it offers a refreshing and different look at the Dominican film industry, along with discussions, projects and Q&A’s with the most important directors and producers of the films. Here, they will discuss the most talked-about social and cultural topics of the country, from a cinematographic point of view.

The Food & Wine Festival for the most select foodies. The sixth edition of this food show will feature delicious dishes, wine and drinks made by some of the best American chefs. The most exclusive restaurants in Punta Cana will open their doors to everyone during this festival so you get the chance to discover Dominican cuisine at the hands of some of the best chefs around.

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival. Jazz lovers are encouraged to join this event in Puerto Plata, Río San Juan, where some of the best Jazz musicians will perform in this exciting festival. There will be concerts taking place all over the city with endless melodic rhythms to complement the happy aura of the Dominican Republic.

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