5 dishes you will fall completely in love with in Tenerife

Papas con Mojo

They say that the best way to discover a place is through its cuisine. Some even say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and with good reason! Culinary delicacies found in places like Tenerife are unmissable pleasures for you to try on your all-inclusive holiday.

Yes, we all know about the famous banana from the Canaries, but did you know that Tenerife is also home to lots of must-try delicious traditional recipes? Sit at your table and try these 5 typical dishes that will be your guide to discovering the culture of this welcoming island in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Potatoes with mojo sauce: These are the best way to start a meal. People from Tenerife blend these wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce (made from oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and either mild paprika or cilantro, depending on whether it is red or green mojo sauce.
  • Gofio: this is an exquisite typical dish. It consists of a flour made from roasted grains and is made into rolls that can be eaten in different ways. The most common is Escaldón de Gofio, blended in a delicious meat sauce with vegetables.
  • Puchero Canario: this is one of the most nutritional dishes of the Canary Islands. It is essentially a delicious stew with chickpeas, corn on the cob, green beans, pumpkin, potatoes, meat and cold cuts. Sometimes it is served with Gofio.
  • Meat: this is the main dish served at parties in the Canary Islands. The most popular is probably rabbit in salmorejo (a tomato purée). This is a dish you definitely need to try in any restaurant in Tenerife.

Of course, you definitely need to try the delicious desserts. Try the Truchas, pastries filled with Cabello de Angel (jam made from pumpkin pulp) or sweet potato. Or Frangollo, made from a flour consisting of seeds, milk, eggs, sugar, lemon and cinnamon and usually decorated with almonds and raisins. This is the best culinary delicacy to finish off your gastronomic tour in Tenerife.

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures meaning that when you discover Tenerife’s most traditional gastronomy, it will come as an unmissable unique experience for you on your all-inclusive holiday. Enjoy your holiday to the fullest and try these delicious dishes, we guarantee you will love them!

Arantxa Márquez

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