Dominican Republic: the most exciting corner of the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic has a long tradition of art, music and literature. The ‘bachata’, one of the most popular Dominican musical rhythms, was recognised in 2019 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Dominican musical rhythms

There are two genres that are synonymous with the Dominican Republic: ‘merengue’ and ‘bachata’. They are both full of folkloric dances and traditional music. You will find rhythm and dancing wherever you go in the Dominican Republic, you just need to lose yourself in the feel of this country. Such instruments as the güira, the tambora and the accordion are vital parts of folkloric music in the Dominican Republic. Some of the most famous genres are the ‘bachata’, the ‘son’ and the ‘merengue’, which clearly hold a very important place in the national identity of all Dominicans.


Hotels in Punta Cana

Punta Cana can be found in the east of the Dominican Republic. It is a Caribbean classic and offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment options. The hotels in Punta Cana are known for their festive atmosphere and idyllic beaches of fine sand. Something that might surprise you, though, is that the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic are known for their flair and talent in dance and music. So much so, in fact, that rhythm and dancing can be felt in the air all over the island. Lying on Playa Bávaro, Playa Blanca, Playa Macao or Playa Juanillo, you will enjoy a genuinely authentic Caribbean scene; one framed by turquoise water and coconut trees waving gently in the sea breeze.

The hotels in Punta Cana (Playa Bávaro) are famous for their festive atmosphere and, above all, their idyllic beaches of fine sand on which to enjoy the long sunny days. On the so-called Costa del Coco, the Eden we have all dreamed about at one time or another becomes real and takes shape on its long beaches, at its beach bars, clubs, never-ending evening parties and in its tropical forests dotted along the Caribbean shore to bring a lush green beauty full of life and light.

Another option to enjoy the rhythm of the Dominican Republic is Samana… the secret zone of the Dominican Republic. Samana is a beautiful peninsula in the north of the Dominican Republic. It is a virgin oasis of the Dominican Atlantic. It is one of the most welcoming destinations in the Dominican Republic where you can lie down without clocks and watch life go by from its postcard beaches, with good merengue and bachata rhythms in the background.

Folkloric music in the Dominican Republic can be enjoyed in every part of the country. These traditional sounds are most prevalent during carnival season, which takes place in February.  

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