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A paradise in the Dominican Republic

Samaná is a paradise on Earth surrounded by white sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, mountains covered in coconut palms, forests, mangroves and much more, making this a very special place brimming with nature everywhere you turn. Samaná is one of the 32 provinces in the Dominican Republic that are highly popular with tourists. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax in the Dominican Republic while being able to enjoy almost pristine natural surroundings, then Samaná is the place for you.

The landscapes, the beaches, the hills and the sea make this a beautiful place full of Caribbean charm. All this beauty can be enjoyed from the spectacular Bahia Principe Luxury Samaná hotel. Where harmony, vitality and happiness combine for an intensely enjoyable holiday. Treat yourself and let yourself be looked after with personalised services and exquisite gastronomy in private surroundings.


Las Terrenas, a fishing village

Las Terrenas is an area on the Samaná Peninsula in the north-east of the Dominican Republic. It is famous for the central beach of Las Terrenas. Other beaches include those of Bonita, Cosón and Las Ballenas. In turn, Pueblo de los Pescadores is home to numerous bars and restaurants, many of which have outdoor tables close to the sea. In the 1970s, Las Terrenas was a small village of fishermen, farmers and beekeepers living in basic dwellings because the place was so hard to reach. However, in 1975, tourism began to develop in the area and that brought significant change to the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Playa de Las Terrenas is one of the most popular places to visit here and is home to unspoilt beaches surrounded by the locally abundant coconut palms.

Despite being somewhere where the vast majority of inhabitants make a living from tourism, Las Terrenas has not lost its fishing village soul. You will be able to enjoy excellent cuisine made from fresh fish,as well as shops run by locals where you can find locally produced craftwork, decorative pieces and the famous Haitian-style pictures.

Something else that makes this place so special are the small and brightly coloured houses that create a welcoming, friendly and colourful atmosphere. A stroll along these streets is essential, as is a photo for your Instagram with these little houses in the background.


The more international side of Las Terrenas

All the accents you can possibly imagine can be found in this coastal town. The open-air bars and restaurants next to the sea create a relaxed atmosphere that thrives on the contagious Dominican way of life. And, naturally, the kind and friendly people will make you feel right at home. This old fishing village is where the Dominican Republic meets the world. It is extremely common to meet international water sports athletes swapping tips with other athletes or tourists on a terrace while listening to locals talk about the best place to go hiking.

The balance between locals and tourists has created an exciting mixture of styles and a more vibrant social scene than anywhere else on the peninsula. Walking in either direction along the beach road will take you to a seaside promenade dotted with tall palm trees that basks in the beauty of the turquoise waters of the sea. Las Terrenas is great for independent travellers and is an excellent place to meet new people.

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