The authentic Dominican Republic at the Dominican Fiesta!

Dominican culture

The Dominican Republic is a mix of Spanish, African and Taino roots. Dominican culture is a mix of creativity, different races, customs, the sea, beaches and cultural wealth, as well as plenty of art. That’s what makes it so worth discovering. Everyone knows it is a magical and very special place – unique and unmatched – that deserves to be explored and experienced in every possible way.

By highlighting Dominican culture in the way it should be, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience at Bahia Principe Bavaro Resort: THE DOMINICAN FIESTA. Full of colour, music, dancing, various activities and, above all, a joyful atmosphere. If there is one thing that characterises this beautiful island, it is the happiness of its people, their culture, their smiles, their traditions… Aspects and characteristics that you have to see for yourself. Otherwise, it will feel like you haven’t visited the Dominican Republic.

In the unique surroundings of Bahia Principe Village, a show like no other will be performed for you to not only discover the hidden and most beautiful side of this country but also the secrets of traditional gastronomy through a tasting menu that will take your senses on a journey all over the island. Other wonders from the island that you’ll be able to enjoy at this fiesta include live music, typical Dominican folk dancing and performances, light and colour shows. All this will take place beneath the Dominican night sky, which will help you better feel and understand this extraordinary country and its people.


The authentic Dominican Republic

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The Dominican people are known to be friendly and approachable. They are brimming with passion and they embrace every visitor to make them feel at home and welcome. Their explosive energy ensures that the Dominican Fiesta never falters
and that the Dominican rhythm never stops, to the delight of everyone who comes to enjoy it.

We invite you to discover the authentic Dominican Republic.

Arantxa Márquez

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