6 must-try Caribbean drinks


Is there anything better than the sound of ice rattling about in your cocktail glass? Everyone at one point or another has pictured themselves with a drink in their hand whilst relaxing on a gorgeous beach on their holiday to the Caribbean, or by the pool bar, enjoying a massage.

Caribbean drinks are treats that no-one can resist loving. If you have decided not to miss trying a single one, here are 7 Caribbean drinks you must try on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Fruit shake. A non-alcoholic option for those who love tropical fruit. These delicious and healthy shakes come with a large amount of ice, in addition to a wide variety of fruit like pineapple, papaya, guinea banana and sapota. The result is absolutely delicious!

Morir Soñando. A typical juice from the Dominican Republic. This refreshing juice is made from milk, orange and sugar right in front of you.

Mauby. Another refreshing non-alcoholic drink you are bound to love. This drink is made from the roots of mauby trees, sugar and cinnamon which gives it a taste that is similar to beer. This is one of the most popular drinks in the Caribbean as everyone loves its flavoursome taste.


Rum. If we refer to the Caribbean we absolutely have to talk about its exquisite rum. Made from a thousand-year old recipe, this sweet liqueur is fermented in wooden barrels and is the Caribbean’s most exquisite drink. Discover the intense flavour of the Caribbean through all its different variations.

Coco loco. This sweet drink is popular all over the Caribbean. It is made from coconut milk, lemon juice, vodka, tequila, white rum and ice. Its refreshing and light flavour makes it the perfect compliment for the beach.

Banana Mama. An exquisite combination of pineapple, coconut, banana and pomegranate that is rich with white rum. Refreshing and sweet, this drink is the best way to cool off when the heat becomes too much.

Relaxing in the Caribbean sun with a refreshing drink is one of the most unforgettable pleasures in life, thus something you cannot afford to miss out on your all-inclusive trip.

Arantxa Márquez

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