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Are you ready to start building the best sandcastle ever? Travelling all-inclusive with the kids to the Caribbean promises endless adventures. Have tonnes of fun with all the family activities in the Caribbean, where you can explore the forests, tropical jungles, ancient civilisations and picturesque villages and cities. Spend your days playing in the crystal-clear water and building the best sandcastles. Family holidays are not family holidays without you becoming a sand architect. Need help? We have created a list of essential tips to help you and your children become experts in the art of sandcastle-making.

  • The location. The most important part of building a sandcastle is making sure it has a good base. Being close to the sea is essential as water is one of the fundamental elements to sandcastle-making. For this reason, we recommend choosing an area that is in-between the wet sand and the start of the beach, far away from large groups of people to avoid any harm coming to your sandcastle.
  • The structure. In order to build an excellent castle, you first have calculate the measurements well. For this reason, before building the towers and walls, build a mound with the height you would like your castle to be and start building it from the top to the bottom. In addition, you will need a lot of wet sand to build the more delicate parts. A good trick is to dig a hole a few metres away where you will have easy access to water. But do not use too much as you only need a small amount of water to build an excellent castle.
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  • Tools. In addition to the classic bucket and spade, we suggest using other tools to help build the perfect sandcastle. For example, the best way to build the walls is by using a plastic knife to mold the walls and their top sections. If you cut the sand on the upper part of the walls, you can create perfect square indentations for the towers. Another useful tool is a rake, which you can use to decorate the walls and create details. And if you want to build narrow towers, then take a bit of wet sand and throw it bit by bit towards the zone where your tower will stand.
  • A staircase. A very professional touch that will give your sandcastle a new perspective taking on the form of a mansion. To create this, you will have to build a second floor, with the help of a plastic knife or rake and mold it from top to bottom.
  • Details make all the difference. What do you picture your sandcastle to be like? Add some details like windows, a flag on the top of the tower, a river that runs around the walls and stone blocks to make your sandcastle truly unique.

Remember to take a photo of it when you finish! Build the best sandcastle ever on your family holiday and enjoy getting creative with your little ones. Their happy faces will make all the effort worth it.

Arantxa Márquez

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