World Day for reducing CO2 emissions: fighting against global warming

World Day for reducing CO2 emissions

Global warming is something that affects us all. The increase of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), whose main component is carbon dioxide (CO2), has steadily begun to warm the planet. The concentration of these gases in our atmosphere intensifies the greenhouse effect. The loss of biodiversity is one of the main consequences.

What would paradise be like if we did not all take care of it? At Bahia Principe we promote good environmental practices which help us to look after the environment in all our beautiful destinations. With just a few simple actions, we can slow down climate change without changing our way of life.

On World Environment Day, we want to make our guests and employees aware of the importance of our actions. Even with just a bit of effort, we can help to look after our environment. With this in mind, we are going to celebrate this day by following a number of practices which you can also carry out on your next all-inclusive holiday.

  • Reduce your energy consumption in your room.
  • Reuse bathroom and pool towels.
  • Put your rubbish in the correct bin.
  • Respect the setting in which you are staying.
  • Practice sustainable mobility.

rubbish in the correct bin

We believe that teaching our children about the importance of looking after the environment is essential for the future. In the kids club, they will learn about the effects of global warming and how to reduce it. It is as simple as walking, cycling, recycling and reducing our energy consumption in order to actively contribute to reducing emissions.

Practices such as creating carbon sinks, promoting sustainable mobility and practicing responsible consumption of goods and services are all actions that will improve our quality of life and the future of our planet. If we promote sustainable practices, we will reduce the environmental impact of our actions and, in doing so, will contribute to ensuring an all-round better environment.

responsible consumption

Looking after the environment through implementing certain practices is the responsibility of everyone. We want you to carry on enjoying the splendor of the surroundings in which our resorts are located and discovering everything there is to see in these places. For this reason, we firmly commit to developing our environmental practices on a daily basis in all of our hotels. We are committed to working towards a greener future. Let’s hope for a better world with just a few simple actions!

Arantxa Márquez

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