The Rhythm of Dominican Culture

The Dominican Republic has sea, sun and beaches, but this country has much more to offer. Dominican culture is well worth exploring. And for that reason, Cayo Levantado Resort will give it the homage it deserves. This project comes from Dominican culture: full of energy, openness and good spirits, as well as national pride and innovation.

Dominican culture is a source of creativity, customs, music and hope. Other cultural treasures of the island are its architecture and interior design. The music and dance of the Dominican Republic are part of the DNA of its society. For Ramón Emilio Jiménez, architect at Arquimilio, local talent will mark a turning point in the island’s development. Rhythm in architecture is the repetition or successive combination of elements making up an overall composition. Architecture has many ways of expressing rhythm, and creative development and details form part of this hidden rhythm.

Energy, openness and good spirits. This will be part of the rhythm of Cayo Levantado Resort. The great strength of this project is how it integrates local culture through the talent of the Dominican Republic, contributing to development and job creation in the area, and showing the world the heart of Samaná. From the Cayo Levantado Resort pier you will find ferries that will take you to the Simi Baez pier where you can explore Samana at your own pace. 

Dominican Culture

The Dominican Republic is “a country placed in the path of the sun”, as the Dominican poet Pedro Mir sings in his famous poem Hay un país en el mundo.
Dominican culture is a crucible of creativity, a melting pot of different people, customs, dreams and hopes. The Dominican people live for the sea and the beach, but they are also the owners of an immensely rich culture which is well worth exploring. That’s why this project highlights the sophistication and innovation of up-and-coming local talent to bring life to the architecture and interior design of Cayo Levantado Resort.

Ramón Emilio Jiménez, architect at the Arquimilio studio, tells us how a team of local talent is working to bring life to the architecture and interior design of Cayo Levantado Resort.

Arantxa Márquez

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