Recycle when you travel for sustainable tourism

17 May is World Recycling Day and so we want to help you make your holidays more eco-friendly and protect our planet.  These days there are many ways to minimise waste at home or anywhere we visit. Planet Earth is a wonderful place, and if you’re a traveller you’ve seen it for yourself. Did you know you can reduce waste when you travel too? If you care about the planet and want to be a green tourist keep reading.

Here are a few tips to make your holiday more sustainable:

1.Cloth bag

We already use cloth bags in everyday life to reduce single-use plastics. Why not do it when you travel too? They are very practical and come in handy for carrying everything you need, so don’t leave them behind.


2.Reusable water bottles

Avoid using bottled water. It’s better to use water bottles which you can refill. This reduces plastic packaging waste.


3.Sustainable accommodation

Book your stays in sustainable, eco-friendly accommodations. Many hotels and country guest houses use solar power and recycle over 80{e1693626c2ee3526e60b208faf83d954eda8c9a37cbd38b184b6efe8d0cd1055} of their waste. They help conserve native plants and encourage biodiversity and local wildlife.


4.Local restaurants

If you’re a traveller, you know that going where the locals go is the best way to have an immersive experience and enjoy the culture. Eating out is always a pleasure. Especially when you’re on holiday. And all of us love trying the most delicious, exotic foods of each place we visit. In these restaurants the food is fresh and locally produced, and often organic.

If you also care about the places, you visit and you want to reduce the impact of your journey, try these tips to care for the planet. Because we want you to keep travelling. To discover the idyllic places on our planet. To find those pristine beaches so you can enjoy them just as much as when you were a child.

Help us with this list and leave a comment with your tips for other travellers.

Arantxa Márquez

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