Playa Nueva Romana hosts the 5th edition of Stonotri 2019

During the competition, athletes enjoyed the spectacular beach, the impressive views, the exclusive villas and the colorful streets of the residential complex with the local flora. Not to mention the unsurpassable route along the coast, with the Caribbean as a backdrop, making Bahia Principe Residences such an amazing place for this event.

On June 16, Playa Nueva Romana successfully celebrated the fifth edition of the Stonotri 2019 triathlon, an event that included sprint competitions with 750 meters of swimming and 20 kilometers of cycling; the Olympic distance that included 1.5 km of swimming and 40 km of cycling, Olympic relay and 5k footrace. A large number of athletes participated in the different categories.

The awards ceremony took place at the complex’s exclusive beach club, where the participants were able to share stories and experiences with their family members and friends in a spectacular setting.

During the event in Playa Nueva Romana, Grupo Piñero CEO Jesús Durán indicated that “It is the first time that an event of this magnitude is held in the facilities of Playa Nueva Romana, taking advantage of the fact that it meets all the conditions to be a venue for this type of event, and we are very pleased to host this 5th edition of the triathlon Stonotri 2019, which was held with great success in our facilities.” He also noted that “at Playa Nueva Romana, we are faithful to the ideals of promoting sports, healthy living and family unity, as promoted by such events.”

For his part, Rafael Miranda, president of Academia Stono and organizer of the triathlon, stated that “the structure of Playa Nueva Romana, allowed us to deliver a world-class event – it filled us with great excitement to see the beauty of these facilities, where athletes swam in the waters of a spectacular beach, challenged the impressive yet safe cycling routes, and raced on foot along the beautiful coastline.”

Comments from the athletes themselves

“Tremendous location and organization – I enjoyed it immensely!” Eduardo Pichardo
“Excellent event” Karla Muñoz
“Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this great event” J. Lantigua
“Congratulations. Great event!” Alfredo Reyes
“Excellent, as always” Thais Herrera
“You can’t get any better than this. Excellent!” Erick Perdomo

Arantxa Márquez

Bahia Principe World