How to be a green traveller on your next holiday

Earth Hour

Consejos para ser ecoturista

We are here to tell you that being environmentally friendly is easier than you may think as, by taking just a few steps, you can help us take care of our planet. At Bahia Principe we are committed to encouraging everyone to look after our beautiful surroundings. With just a few small gestures, we can help preserve the environment, even when we are on holiday.

Do you know what ecotourism is? During Global Recycling Day we want to talk with you about how sustainable tourism encourages good environmentally-friendly practices all over the world. With these, you can help us look after our beautiful beaches and jungles in the Caribbean and Spain quite easily from the comfort of your own hotel room. Do you want to know how you can help? Below, you will find a list of ways you can be a green traveller on your next holiday.

  • Recycle all the products you use. Look out for our recycling bins and separate your waste. This way you will help us recycle products that can be reused and throw away the rest in the correct way.
  • Buy products with less packaging, thus generating less waste. Packaging is normally made up of plastic, a material that takes longer to biodegrade than other products.
  • Be responsible when using water. This means reusing your towel and showering instead of having a bath.
  • Choose biodegradable products. We will help the environment more if we buy more biodegradable products, as they decompose naturally.
  • Respect the environment. Do not throw rubbish on the floor or intentionally destroy your natural surroundings. Be as respectful as possible to the setting in which you find yourself.
  • Encourage your loved ones to carry out these practices. Encourage your family, partner and friends to do this so we can all be examples of sustainable tourism.

These green practices will help us preserve our cherished natural surroundings. We love Caribbean and Spanish sunsets, in addition to the beautiful landscapes in which we find ourselves. For this reason, collaborating on preserving the environment is essential. Will you help us preserve our paradise?

Arantxa Márquez

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