A week with Bahia Principe, a week of happiness

A week of happiness

The Caribbean is a place full of joy. The people will make you feel alive with their friendly and welcoming way of being. Colours are more intense, the sand on the beaches softly caress the pores of your feet and the sunshine that lights up every day becomes another travel companion. The Caribbean is, without a doubt, an area of the world where you are always happy.

The Week of Happiness is en route to our hotel because we are waiting for you with a wide smile spread across our faces. And from right now we want to propose to you a week full of happiness.

Day one. This is the day to find your hotel. The time to find out how nice the hotel, beach and pool are. With the WebAPP of Bahia Principe in your hand you will have everything you need: a map of the hotel with all the services and facilities, open hours of the buffet and themed restaurants, the activities you can take part in… this is the time to enjoy everything you have been picturing in your mind.

Day two. Take advantage of this day to plan out your week. One of the most exciting things to do is discover the wide offer of restaurants available at the hotel. Make a reservation to enjoy themed meals in the specialty restaurants: Asian, fusion, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, grill… What is your favourite specialty? The most delicious dishes on the planet are available for you to try.

Day three. Today is the day for relaxation, sun loungers, reading and the spa! Head to the spa for a treat, indulge yourself and enjoy a world of sensations. You will wish for time to stop and not carry on as you disconnect from the world and submerge yourself in complete tranquility whilst you enjoy the soft aroma of the natural oils at the hands of our expert professionals. Taking care of yourself has never been so exciting.

Day four. The Caribbean is perfect for enjoying unique adventures. Finally the day has come to explore your surroundings, the culture, the people, the pace of life, the customs and the craftwork of the destination. This will be a very busy day so we recommend you wear comfortable clothes and use sun protection lotion. And, of course, take all the photos you can, so you can keep your memories of this great day alive forever.

Day five. Starting off your day with a bit of exercise on the beach is a great plan! We recommend you enjoy a yoga class with Michelle. Afterwards, explore the sea floor whilst snorkeling as the Caribbean Sea is perfect for this, as well as many other water sports like diving, sailing and surfing. The day has been incredible and so the evening should be as well. This is the time to enjoy the shows we have organised in detail for every day.

Day six. Today is the day you have your family, friends and colleagues in mind. Heading to the shops to buy a nice gift is a good idea. There are many nice and interesting things to buy. Your days in the Caribbean are started to come to an end and so you have to make the most of every single moment.

Day seven. Today is a sad day because your holiday is over but also a happy day because you have had such a good time that you know that your will definately be coming back again. This is the moment you pack your suitcase quickly so you can enjoy a final dip in the pool and take your last pictures. We will see eachother again soon!

The Week of Happiness is for people who want to be happy. We suggest you enjoy your stay how you prefer: laughing and enjoying the small pleasures in life. The company, of course, is chosen by you. Choose the hotel that is best adapted to your travel needs. We will make sure you enjoy every moment of your stay.

Are you looking for true happiness? We have just what you have been waiting for… Because happiness is also in the price. Discover all the special discounts available at Bahia Principe during the Week of Happiness.

Arantxa Márquez

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