Celebrating Labour Day at Jamaica

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Many Jamaicans know May 23rd as Labour Day, as a showcase for the importance of labour to the development of Jamaica. Besides, this day is a day dedicated to volunteer works and community services projects across the island.


Jamaican Flag

As a show of our commitment with the societies where Bahia Principe acts, workers from the Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica spent some hours to do volunteer works at the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital. Although each year we place emphasize at the Children’s Ward (to ensure that they are at a clean, safe and comfortable place), this year we have decided that our focus would be the Maternity Ward where our beautiful mothers bring forth their little bundles of joy.

volunteer works

Bahia Principe workers doing volunteer works

That way, our teams visited the Hospital this year on Labour Day to conduct works such as painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, and cutting the lawn, among other things.

Our Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica General Manager and their team showed that they are very committed to helping this hospital as much as they can, to ensure that both, the patience and hospital workers are in a safe and comfortable environment.


Bahia Principe workers at St. Ann’s Bay Hospital

Thanks for all the support from our volunteers. See you next year!

The wonders of Tenerife

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Tenerife is the most populated and the largest island in the Canaries. Home to World Heritage sites and even one of the world’s highest volcanoes, El Teide, it has a wide range of attractions that are guaranteed to inspire you.

Tenerife is known as ‘the island of eternal spring’ because it has the best climate in Spain. Also known as ‘the island of well-being’, the island stands out as the perfect place for taking care of yourself and finding balance during the holidays.

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Tenerife special tours

Its rugged coastal scenery, towering cliffs, its reserves of flora and warm year-round climate, make this island a great attraction for visitors. Tenerife is also a real paradise for lovers of adventure sports that take place in these natural surroundings, whether at sea or in the mountains.

Collage actividades

Tenerife activities

Would you like to discover these wonders? Inquire about our range of excursions at the Bahia Tours kiosks located in different parts of the hotels: A catamaran ride, a visit to the island of La Gomera, a jeep tour or a great day at a water park, among others.

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Tenerife Bahia Principe Hotels

And if you haven’t planned your holidays yet, don’t wait any longer! Visit www.bahia-principe.com and book your stay at Bahia Principe San Felipe located in the north of the island or Bahia Principe Tenerife  and Bahia Principe Costa de Adeje if you prefer the south. We look forward to seeing you!

Holy Week in Tenerife

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Every year on Good Friday, the many residents of Adeje (Tenerife) will gather on Calle Grande at 12 noon to see and hear the traditional Reenactment of the Passion and Death of Christ. This event, which combines religion and popular traditions, has become established over the course of 19 years as one of the most important events during Holy Week in the Canary Islands. Each year it is watched by over ten thousand people live on the streets of Adeje and its broadcast on TVE is not to be missed by those who cannot travel to the town. Additionally, this cultural event has become quite the showcase for promoting tourism, and many visitors decide to travel to the town to enjoy this spectacular cultural event and enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in Tenerife at the same time.


Jesus with children

The main event is a stage performance in which more than three hundred actors (the majority of whom are townspeople) act out the most important scenes from the final hours of Jesus of Nazareth’s life.

The Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, Judas’ betrayal, the Sanhedrin trial, Pilate’s washing of hands, his wife’s appeal, the flogging and crown of thorns, Jesus’ Procession to Calvary, the Veil of Veronica, his meeting with his mother and, finally, his death on the cross and Mary’s cry are some of the scenes portrayed by the actors which bring the Gospels to life.


The final hours of Jesus of Nazareth’s life

The event is even more appealing because the scenes that represent the different Stations of the Cross are located in such a way that the audience can move, following the action. All the scenes are extremely detailed and prepared following period designs. Finally, every year a new element is included to surprise the most faithful spectators.


Mary’s cry

If you are going to spend a few days relaxing at the Bahia Principe San Felipe, Bahia Principe Costa Adeje or Bahia Principe Tenerife Resort, take advantage of the chance to see this event. Happy Easter!

The humpback whale show

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The Samaná Coast is famous, together with Banco de la Plata and Banco de la Navidad, for being part of the most beautiful Marine Mammal Sanctuary in the world, covering around 12,700 square miles. Once again at this time of year this bay is the setting for one of nature’s most stunning spectacles: observing humpback whales.


Humpback whales

As we have explained in other posts, in November about 3,000 cetaceans begin a long journey from the freezing waters of the north to the coast of the Dominican Republic for the mating period which lasts from January until March.


Humpback whales

Visitors to the area can enjoy unforgettable trips on authorised boats, where they can see how the males make impressive jumps and swipes its tail to attract the females. A curious fact is that if a male doesn’t manage to attract the attention of a female, he sings a long song that can only be heard underwater. In short, these whales exhibit quite a few behaviours that become an excellent tourist activity.



It is without a doubt a wonderful spectacle that our guests shouldn’t miss. Ask about these trips at hotel reception!

To get a sneak preview, check out our Facebook page where we have an album with photos of trips taken from our Bahia Principe hotels. See you there!

It’s Carnival time in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is packed with the beats, colour and joy of the costumes and murga street bands typical of this festival. A vast selection of shows is held throughout January and February: galas to choose the child, adult and senior carnival queens, music competitions for murgas, comparsas and associations, street parades, street performances, float parades… endless activities with just one goal: To entertain visitors!


Carnival 2015 Poster

This year’s main theme is ‘The Future’ at one of the most popular festivals in Tenerife, and one of the most famous in the world. In fact, since 1980 it has the honour of being a ‘Festival of International Tourist Interest‘. And it’s no wonder as during the Carnival season Tenerife can receive over 200,000 tourists, many of them staying at our Bahia Principe San Felipe and Bahia Principe Tenerife Resort hotels.

According to eDreams, 60% of Spaniards and 40% of Europeans choose Tenerife as their Carnival destination, compared to other destinations such as Brazil, Düsseldorf or Venice.


Carnivals at Brasil and Venecia

If you’re lucky enough to visit Tenerife at this time of year be sure to note two important events in your diary: The stunning Gala to choose the Carnival Queen, on 11 February, and the fun opening Carnival Parade, on 13 February. This Parade is the event that starts off Carnival and the streets fill up with a party atmosphere and lots of music.


Carnival at Tenerife

So now you know! Dust off your costumes, pack them in your suitcase and go to www.bahia-principe.com to book your stay at Bahia Principe San Felipe or Bahia Principe Tenerife Resort You’re guaranteed to have lots of fun!